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Proud Member of The Patriot Project in Vienna VA

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The Patriot Project:

Supporting our men and women who have served our country.

Mission Statement

To provide chiropractic care to active military in Vienna VA and beyond, their families, wounded warriors, and Gold Star Dependents.

To make full chiropractic benefits in TRICARE care readily available for ALL active duty military, retirees, and veterans.

To have chiropractic physicians commissioned as officers in all armed services.

To have chiropractic physicians embedded in all forward operating bases of combat.

To have a Chiropractic Department in every VA hospital and clinic.

To educate veterans with service-related disabilities; they have chiropractic benefit coverage through the Veterans Administration.

The Future of Chiropractic Care in The Military Starts in Vienna VA

Dr. Brandon Lemuel D.C. is a proud active member of The Patriot Project.

Chiropractic care may be included in a veteran's health benefits, but it is an underutilized option. The volunteers of the Patriot Project strive to change this by making chiropractic care readily available to our valued service members.

Not only do they make time to treat one armed-service member a week at NO CHARGE, they also strive to develop a USO-type chiropractic care tour that visits military bases at home and around the world. This does include all active forward operating bases such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan. Adequate funding is a must to take on an operation this big so any donation, no matter how big or small helps.

Participants also help collect testimonials from veterans which are used to help convince congress of this much-needed program.

The Patriot Project not only helps active military members, but its care extends to their families, Wounded Warriors, and all Gold Star Dependents.

To find out more information on The Patriot Project CLICK HERE.

To go to Dr. Brandon Lemuel's page CLICK HERE.


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