Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dear Dr. Brandon,

I am writing to express my appreciation and thanks for the amazing impact you have had on my family. Daily, as I watch my healthy 3-year-old daughter Olivia run and play, I realize the power of chiropractic.

When Olivia was born, she had no use of her left arm due to an injury she sustained during the birth process. We brought our daughter to your office at 10 days old and with a few adjustments, her left arm was fully functional and we have never had to look back.

Your office is now my first stop for any medical concerns that arise."

- Rob Graveline

"Hi Dr. Brandon,

I was just looking through my daughter's baby book and found my feedback letter stuck in with all the postpartum care paperwork - I never sent it back to you. I wanted to tell you 3 years later that I had such a great birth experience (waterbirth, no drugs, textbook-the midwives said I made it look easy), and I credit that to the chiropractic care I received from you during pregnancy. My daughter stayed firmly in the optimal position for birth for those last months that I was in your care (along with yoga, swimming, and regular exercise). I am now a birth doula, birth photographer, and aspiring homebirth midwife, and I refer all my clients to chiropractic during pregnancy, with excellent results. Thanks for being in the right place at the right time!"

- Nikki Williams


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