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Chiropractic Vienna VA Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is fairly common. Most people experience pain in one or both shoulders every now and again. People typically take an anti-inflammatory drug or acetaminophen to relieve their pain. Here at Pure Chiropractic in Vienna VA, our chiropractor sees a number of patients who experience chronic shoulder pain. One of the main reasons people experience chronic or recurring shoulder pain is because they have masked their symptoms with pain relievers, and have failed to pinpoint the source. Here is some information about shoulder pain, and how chiropractic treatments in Vienna VA can help.


One of the first things people need to understand about shoulder pain is that it can be caused by a multitude of things. Some reasons a person might experience shoulder pain include but are not limited to the following: rotator cuff tears, tendinitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, osteoarthritis, thoracic outlet syndromes, tendon sheath inflammation, and bursitis. Age and sports-related injuries are also causes or shoulder pain.

In order for any treatment for shoulder pain to be effective, the source of the pain must be identified and evaluated. It should be noted, shoulder pain can occur as a result of one or more conditions. In these types of cases, it is important for people to find a practitioner who will review their complete medical history before they prescribe treatment because there is not a one size fits all approach to the treatment of shoulder pain.

How Our Chiropractor Treats Shoulder Pain

One of the first things our chiropractor does is obtain a complete history and physical on our patients. This includes personal medical history, a family medical history, a surgical history, and an accounting of prior injuries. Our chiropractor will conduct a physical exam during which baseline vital signs will be obtained, as well as a review of the musculoskeletal and neurological systems. If radiologic exams are needed, our chiropractor will order them.

Once our doctor reviews the results of the tests, and the findings of the exam, an individualized treatment plan centered around each patient’s needs, a specific condition, age, and other factors are determined. Treatment plans are developed using one or more of the following chiropractic modalities: manual adjustments using the activator method, muscle stimulation therapy, ultrasound therapy, hot and cold therapies, and cold laser therapy. Our chiropractor may also prescribe exercise therapy to stretch and strengthen shoulder muscles.

Identify the Source

If you are experiencing recurring or chronic shoulder pain you need to have it examined to prevent further injury. Here at Pure Chiropractic in Vienna VA, our chiropractor will help you identify the source of your shoulder pain, and get you on the right treatment path. Give us a call today at (703) 319-1212 to schedule an appointment to see us.


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