Could it be a bulging disc in Vienna VA?

Chiropractic Vienna VA Disc Bulge

f you have back pain, you may wonder if you have an issue with one of your discs. Sometimes, it's from a herniated disc. On the other hand, a bulging disc due to degeneration could be the culprit. At Pure Chiropractic, your Vienna VA chiropractor we can diagnose the problem and offer you a non-invasive treatment method.

Definition of a Bulging Disc in Vienna VA

As you age, your discs use fluid and aren't as flexible as they once were. As the outer shell of a disc weakens, the contents push on the outside of it, causing this cushion to bulge. You may not experience any symptoms of your bulging disc early on. It's a normal part of aging and often doesn't affect you. However, if it bulges enough, it places pressure on the nearby nerves and soft tissue. Those who have symptoms could have pain, muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, or a burning sensation. You could notice muscle spasms in your legs. And sometimes, the pain and other symptoms aren't limited to your back. The bulging disc could affect your arms and legs as well. If the disc in your neck, you may have difficulty moving your neck.

Bulging Disc Diagnostic Process

The first step of the process consists of our chiropractor asking you questions about the symptoms you experience as well as your medical history. Our chiropractor will want to know when the symptoms arose in addition to what aggravates them. Our practitioner asks you to move in different directions to check your range of motion. Additionally, you'll need to identify where the pain is, and a chiropractor may apply gentle pressure to identify the location. You'll also have to undergo imaging, so our chiropractor can receive a picture of the bones and discs in your back to look for wear and tear.

Bulging Disc Treatment

To treat a bulging disc, our chiropractor may recommend a chiropractic alignment. It consists of our practitioner moving the vertebrae in your back to align them with the discs. It's a gentle procedure and is known to cause little to no side effects. Spinal decompression is another chiropractic treatment we may use. This treatment stretches your spine, which relieves pressure on the discs in between your vertebrae. It allows nutrients to reach the discs more optimally as well. Sometimes, our chiropractor recommends exercises you can do to stretch your back. Part of your chiropractic treatment may consist of lifestyle advice, so you don't place unnecessary pressure on the discs in your back.

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