Chiropractic for Pregnancy in Vienna

The prospect of welcoming a new member to your family can make you happy, excited, anxious -- and concerned about your pregnancy. Even the healthiest expectant moms are likely to experience discomfort over nine months of musculoskeletal changes, while the ease and safety of your baby's delivery can also be impacted by musculoskeletal alignment issues. That's why you should know that you can benefit from the safe, natural prenatal care techniques we provide here at Pure Chiropractic in Vienna.

Back Pain, Headaches, and Other Prenatal Concerns in Vienna

Making room for a developing fetus obviously means making some changes to your body. The enlargement of the abdomen causes the spine to shift its alignment as you adopt a "swaybacked" posture. The resulting shift in weight distribution -- aggravated by the extra weight gained during pregnancy -- can wreak havoc on your joints, muscles, and nerves. In addition to the aches and pains caused by joint stress and inflammation, the impingement of major nerves can cause direct or referred pain and other neurological symptoms throughout the body, while also reducing your body's ability to conduct its normal processes. It's no wonder so many pregnant women experience back pain, neck pain, headaches, edema (swelling), and numb, tingling, or aching extremities.

But these changes don't just affect your comfort; they may also affect your baby's odds for a normal delivery. If alignment problems in your lower spinal and pelvic regions prevent the fetus from rotating in the womb into a head-down position, you may be facing complications (such as breech birth) that might call for surgical intervention for the sake of both you and your baby.

Safe, Gentle Care for Pregnancy

Our pregnant Vienna, VA patients have nothing to lose and everything to gain by undergoing prenatal chiropractic care at our clinic. Our chiropractor, Dr. Lemuel, knows how to use specialized treatment methods and equipment to ensure safe, effective treatment for your prenatal discomfort. Better yet, our techniques can help you avoid other, more worrying measures such as painkilling medications.

Best of all, prenatal chiropractic care can be used to help you safeguard and optimize your baby's birth. By making sure that your spine and pelvis are in proper alignment, we can help clear the path for a normal, uncomplicated head-first delivery.

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Here at Pure Chiropractic, we take our status as a family chiropractic clinic literally -- even before some of your family members have been born. If you're seeking a family chiropractor who offers pregnancy care in the 22180 area, you've come to the right place. Call (703) 319-1212 today to schedule an appointment!


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